The Woman Rising Network

The ulitmate online community for professional women in regional Australia.

Welcome to the place to be for all your biz inspiration and connection right where you are. 

The Woman Rising Network is an exciting new online business networking group that offers professional women, working Mums, inspired creatives and savvy start-ups located across regional Australia a unique way to connect and gain motivation anywhere, anytime.

Whether you're new to business, have a thriving company or established career,The Woman Rising Network is designed to bring the traditional concept of networking to your laptop, iPhone, PC or tablet so you never have to feel that dreaded fear of missing out again (...or putting on a bra and heels to hob-knob with randoms when you'd rather be at home!).

"I am so excited to be a member of the Woman Rising Network. The most appealing part for me is that I know that it will provide me with a beautifully supportive space to connect, engage and network with other regional women in business. Having recently launched my online business, I know only too well how isolating and lonely it can be. This network gives me the type of support and connection that I crave right now." 

Lisa Westcott, Small Business Owner, Cairns

What can I expect?

As a Member of The Woman Rising Network, not only are you joining a passionate community of women in business from far and wide corners of Aus, but you also gain a world of perks including:

- Exclusive live Q&A conversations with a range of special guests every month;

- Profile opportunities to boost your biz and connect with others;

- A thriving and supportive community inside our private Facebook group;

- Early access + discounts to special events such as online summits;

- An early delivery of each new edition of Woman Rising magazine plus our complete back catalogue; 

- Member-only discounts from our recommended suppliers and partners;

At The Woman Rising Network, you will never miss anything becuase it's all delivered to your inbox, accessible 24/7 and you can finally say goodbye to FOMO because of other commitments, location or not-there-yet mindset. 

A Message From Sian Yewdall, Founder of The Woman Rising Network


If you've read this far, there must be something here that resonates with you. Let me reassure you, we're busy working women (and Mamas) too. We completely get the hassle of paying another membership fee for something you think you might forget about in two months time, or the annoying request to join a biz networking when you're barely sure you'd class your side-hustle as 'worthy'! 

Let me tell you, that's why we exist! 

Every single one of our special guests has started from scratch. They are founders, bloggers, mentors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders who had an idea or desire to serve and felt the pull to go for it. Now they are turning around to help you up; to share their wisdom, knowledge and insights into their own challenges. The messy middle that we all experience, but rarely hear about. 

We don't believe in adding any more pressure on you than already exists. When the overwhelming desire to binge watch The Crown on Netflix takes hold, we say.... do it! 

But when the feeling of wondering aimlessly becomes too much and you'd kill to connect with women who get it, know what you're going through and have your back too, we'd love you to join us as a Member of The Woman Rising Network. 

Inspiration, support, celebration, motivation and determination right where you are. 

I'm so grateful to have you here and look forward to meeting you. 

Sian x

Join us if you're ready to:

>> Connect with a wide range of women, freelancers, creatives, entrepreenurs and Mums for inspiration, support and celebration right where you are;

>> Hear from AND talk to some of the most influential women in business and industry leaders every single month (plus recordings of all events to listen to at leisure);

>> Celebrate your achievements and grow from your failures among friends who have your back; 

>> Get motivated to mix strategy with savviness, purpose with passion and action with awareness;

>> Above all else, be part of a group with a community feel but the power of a global network to rise and shine no matter where you are in biz (geographically or metaphorically). 

"I'm part of a few Facebook groups and do online courses because I want to start a business, but it was the chance to hear really amazing women speak about their experiences and ask them questions in person, that makes the difference."  

Ange, Full-time working Mum of 3, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Coming Soon To The Network


Tracy Harris, Founder, MumsWithHustle.Com

8pm (NSW Time) Monday 22nd January 2018


Rochelle Courtenay, CEO + Founder, Share The Dignity

February, Special Guest (Date and Time TBC)


Nikki Parkinson, Blogger & Author, Styling You

March Special Guest (Date and Time TBC)


Caroline McCulloch, CEO + Founder, FRANKIE4

April Special Guest (Date and Time TBC)


Plus More To Be Announced

Stay tuned...


How do I access the Members' Hub?

When you sign up, you'll be asked to register a Username and Password. This allows you access to all the Members-only content on our website, however most information will be shared via email for convenience.  

Is there a Facebook group?

Absolutely! Our exclusive and private group is the best place to be for spontaneous chats with other Members, getting to know each other and staying up to date with info from The Network. Think of it as your 24/7 hotline to friends. 

Do I have to attend live conversations?

Of course not! If you're not able to listen to the live conversation or ask a Q of our Guest Speaker, a recording will be available to listen to whenever you can inside The Network. Just login to the Member's page watch the replay when you can. 

Can I purchase a recorded conversation?

While we'd love you to, it's not possible at this stage as we've created everything specifically for our Members to gain all the benefits.

Can I cancel my Membership?

Yes, we'd never want you to feel stuck or trapped! If at anytime you believe the Members' Hub is no longer for you, please contact us to cancel your membership. We'll make sure you see out the month you've paid for first! 

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available due to the digital nature of the product and access to Woman Rising magazine, however if within 30 days of signing up you don't believe Membership is for you, then we'll refund the first month payment and cease all charges. 


Join us today for $12 per month or $139 for an annual subscription. 

For more information read our FAQs above or email